Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Love at Firstsite

“Krish could you please slow down, you are not driving a plane, you are driving a car and I guess you know that” ; “Mom it’s ok, car is in my control and we are not over the speed limit either” said Krish to his mother. Krish also know as Krishna, a typical average student who just got into a new college and neither he is different from other teenagers. Currently Krish was going to a wedding ceremony, though Krish was not much interested in the wedding ceremony itself, he is thrilled to meet his cousin Diraj. Diraj was like his elder brother, he used to help krish when he needed it the most. Krish respects him a lot. As Diraj was doing his degree away from his home they had not seen each other for more than a year. Krish was awaiting for this day, from the day he and his parents were invited for the wedding.
After Krish parking the car, he went to his cousin who was waiting for him at the entrance of the auditorium. The Groom had just arrived with the Krish. Krish met Diraj at the entrance, the movement Diraj saw his cousin brother he embraced him with a warm hug. Krish was so happy to see his cousin. They entered the auditorium with the groom and took possesion of the seats near to the auditorium entrance, so that they could check on girls, as they entered the auditorium, and that they won’t miss any girls. Krish and Diraj were not at all turning to the wedding ceremony that’s going on the stage. They were busy jibber-jabbering about their life. Suddenly Krish’s concentration drifted to a teenager who entered the auditorium. She was wearing a blue salwar with peacock design that was stitched beautifully. Krish rose from his seat to get a better view. His heart was jumping a heartbeat. Krish thought in his mind “she is really beautiful, even angels would make way for her”. The girl noticed Krish, her face turned red as when she saw krish staring at her. She turned furiously to her right were the stage was, and walked down to the front, hoping to find a seat there. Krish lost her in the crowed. Krish was not concentrating on what Diraj was saying; he was already lost in his thoughts about the girl.
As it was time for lunch, Krish and Diraj walked towards the dining area of the auditorium. Krish thought about the girl in the wash area, thinking that “whether the girl had her lunch or not”. To Krish’s surprise the girl walked into the wash area, walking towards him to wash her hand at the pipe that to the left of Krish. When she stood next to her, he was able to smell the lavender scent emananting from her dress. The smell of lavender was tickling Krish’s nose. After their heavy lunch Krish and Diraj decided to go for a walk in the garden. Diraj was sad that the much- awaited day is going to be over in a matter of minute as their parents were ready to leave for their respective homes. After they had walk in the garden they went over to the parking lot, Krish’s mom already waiting for him. Krish waved Diraj goodbye, hoping to see the girl for tomorrow’s reception.
The reception was in the evening the following day. Krish walked towards the convention hall where the reception was held, thinking about the tough day he had. As he entered the hall, it was the girl from the day before who took his breath away that was standing at the door and welcoming the guests who entered the hall. Krish was really surprised this time, and the girl was too, but she was not able to show her surprise as she was welcoming her guests with her beautiful smile. The smell of lavender tickled his nose again. Krish was relieved to be able to have her scent once again caress him. His cousin, Diraj, was also invited in to the hall. krish and his cousin greeted each other with a hug, they walked towards the seats so that they could enjoy the smooth jazz that was being played. The girl, after her duty ,came and sat in front of Krish, he was happy because he loved the tickling smell of lavender that accompanied her the Girl stood up and walked to the serving table for having her dinner. Krish became dull when she went away from him. This time Diraj was noticing all this. He came near Krish and said “Bro I have been noticing you from yesterday, is something wrong??” krish told about the events that had happened. With a smile Diraj replied “I will get all the details about the girl and message you” , happiness conquered Krish's face and, they departed for the day . That night Krish waited for Diraj’s message before falling dejectedly into sleep. The next day Krish saw the message which was sent by Diraj the previous night. The message read “THE GIRL'S NAME IS GREESHMA , She is DOING her BCA. SHE IS FROM YOUR CITY; SHE WAS FROM THE GROOM's SIDE. AND SORRY FOR LATE REPLY BATTERY WAS DOWN.GOOD NIGHT SWEET DREAMS.”

The information about the girl made Krish really happy. He started his search from his friends but the results were disappointing. The search still goes on. Every night Krish goes to his balcony to see the stars and kissing the wind hoping that the wind delivers his kiss to his love.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Addicted Girl

This story is about a small girl named Sunakshi Ramaswami, from a small town called Barshi, Maharashtra. Sunakshi comes from a middle class Brahmin family, the proud daughter of Mr.  Ramaswami T.K. who serves as a manager in one of the renowned banks, and Mrs.Sumathi Ramaswami who is a housewife. Sunakshi was one of the brightest students of her school, loved by her friends and adored by teachers.  She was engaged in all activities and was the best out going student of her batch. Her teachers were also expecting a rank from her for the 12th board exams.
Sunakshi was rubbing her eyes. She was unable to sleep, thinking about the day that she has to face. It was not a normal day, because her board exam results were about to be announced one of the worst nightmares of every student. It was 6 am in the morning and she woke up from her bed, and went to her mom who was waiting for her with a cup of coffee. Her mom knew how tensed she was that morning so she thought a coffee might cheer her up. She was pacing up and down her house. The newspaper headlined “CBSE RESULTS TODAY” made her more tensed. On the previous day, her AIEEE results (All India Engineering Entrance Examination) was announced and she had made a pretty good score. Clock struck 8 am. And Sunakshi knew that it was time for her results. She went to her room and switched on her personal computer. She got into the site where a text box that was labelled “Roll no”, she entered her roll no as per on her hall ticket and clicked on the submit button. The screen displayed her marks. Her face lit up when she saw it. She took a paper and jotted it down.   Her calculation showed that she had scored 95% which lit her face up even more. She ran towards her mother with the piece of paper in her hand. Her mother gave her a kiss on her forehead told her “I am really proud of u, my dear”. The day went pretty good for her.  There were many phone calls and guests frequently visiting her house to congratulate her.
Sunakshi became the heroine of her small town as she ranked top in the city. Everybody was proud of her. Her parents, even more proud because she was able to make it into one of the most prestigious colleges for civil engineering. The college was famous as many of the famous architects were made by that college.  Even thought she was happy that her dreams were coming true, it also made her sad that she had to be away from her parents for a while.
On the morning of the joining date of Sunakshi’s college, her parents came to drop her off. Sunakshi was very happy that her parents came. She dropped her luggage off at the hostel and went to the college which was at a short distance. Her father accompanied to help her with her luggage. Sunakshi entered her class room. The doorways were guarded by the teachers as they were protecting the students from their seniors who were very eager to see their juniors. Sunakshi’s parents went back after making themselves assured of their daughter’s safety. Sunakshi was very happy with her new college and on the first day itself she was able to make a friend. Sreelakshmi, who sat beside her, was the first person she met. They introduced themselves and much to Sunakshi’s surprise, Sreelakshmi was in the same room as Sunakshi. It made her very happy.
The day went by, Sunakshi and Sreelakshmi went to their rooms in the hostel. They were really happy, thinking that they were sharing the same room. When they entered the room with their luggage they noticed two other girls unpacking their bags. When the girls saw Sunakshi and Sreelakshmi they stopped their packing and introduced themselves to Sunakshi and Sreelakshmi. Their names were Neethu and Ananya. Sunakshi had noticed them during the lunch break. They had also taken up civil engineering.
Neethu, Ananya, Sreelakshmi and Sunakshi became best friends. As Sunakshi was the brightest  
among them, she used to help her friends in doing their home work and in their studies. Everybody loved Sunakshi even though her lovable character which made many jealous of her. Teachers loved her, and for Neethu, Ananya and Sreelakshmi she was their cuddly friend. One year had passed and as usual Sunakshi was topper in class.
One morning Sunakshi was alone in her hostel room as her friends had gone to visit their respective home. She noticed a pin protruding from Neethu’s bed. She went to the bed and pulled the needle so that her friend Neethu won’t get hurt when she jumps into the bed. To her surprise, the needle ended with a syringe, which made her hands and legs shake.

Sunakshi called her best friends when she spotted the syringe in Neethu’s bed .Sreelakshmi and Ananya was surprise to hear it. Next day Sreelakshmi and Ananya came early in the morning to their room to meet Sunakshi. Sunakshi was able to find empty drug bottles near her bed. Sreelakshmi and Ananya were shocked to hear that their dearest friend was a drug addict. They waited for Neethu.
                When Neethu entered the room with a big smile on her face, she saw her syringe and drug bottles on their study table, her smile didn’t stay long on her face and regret took over her face. Sunakshi was asking her several questions “How did you get it?”, “How long have you been using it?,   “How did these things enter  the hostel ?” .Many questions were placed in front of her. Neethu was sad that her friends had found out her big secret.  Tears rolled down from her eyes as she told them that her friend used to supply these drugs and it had been going on for a pretty long time. It was at a party where her friends had persuaded her to try the stuff and later on she got addicted to it. She tried to stop it but it was too late. When Sunakshi and others heard about it, they were sorry for her. Sunakshi patted her on the shoulder and said to her “Your secret is safe with us”. Neethu’s smile came back to her face. Sreelakshmi didn’t agree to what Sunakshi said, but Neethu’s smile had eased her too.
It was Sunakshi’s birthday the coming weekend and her friends planned to have a surprise birthday party.  Sreelakshmi was the event manager and she took care of all the decorations and invitations. Ananya and Neethu took care of the cake. On the day of the party, Sreelakshmi had asked their mess staff and warden for their permission to conduct it. When Neethu and Ananya arrived with cake, the mess was decorated and ready for the party. The cake was placed in the centre of the hall so that everybody could see it when the birthday girl cut the cake. Neethu and her friends had skipped their afternoon session for this party without the knowledge of Sunakshi. Guests started to arrive and they were waiting for Sunakshi. Sunakshi had some PowerPoint presentation to be submitted so she was getting late.
                When Sunakshi entered the mess hall everybody in the room shouted “SURPRISE” to a shocked Sunakshi. Sunakshi’s friend brought her to the cake and gave her a knife so that Sunakshi could cut the cake after blowing out the candles. Candles were blown and cake got divided among their friends. Sunakshi was running towards the wash place because her face was full of cake.           
                Everybody was back in their rooms and Sunakshi and her friends were sitting on their respective beds recollecting the party. Neethu asked a question to their friends which made them think. Neethu was asking them to take some drugs so that the night can be one to remember. Everybody gave her a “No”, but Neethu’s gloomy face made them say “Yes”. Neethu was happy to hear it. She took a box from her bag where the syringe and drugs were placed. The girls got little startled when they saw the syringe. Neethu filled the syringe with the drug and asked “Who is the first to try it?”. Everybody pointed the birthday girl. Birthday girl was pretty startled in seeing the syringe. Neethu tied a tube like thread on her hand and inserted the needle. There was a small pain but the pain did not stay long. Sreelakshmi and Ananya were so eager to try it when they saw Sunakshi’s face.
                                Next day when everybody woke up they were happy that they had tried the drug and the feeling made the girls want to have more.
Girls had been skipping their classes frequently and calls of their parents were not answered, which made the parents a little tensed about them
Sunakshi was alone in her room when she woke up. She felt like having some more of the drug. When she looked for her friends, the room was empty. On Neethu’s bed, there laid a drug bottle. Sunakshi took the drug and pierced the syringe needle and sucked the entire drug into the bottle. She took the syringe and pierced into her right elbow. She felt the same feeling and went back to her bed. When Neethu and the gang arrived after their breakfast, to Neethu’s surprise, Sunakshi was still sleeping. Neethu got a bit tensed when she noticed the empty bottle lying on the floor. Neethu’s heart beat started to rise. Neethu caught hold of Sunakshi’s hand and checked her pulse. Neethu turned to her friends with tears on her eyes.
Neethu, Sreelakshmi and Ananya were packing their bags and cleaning their room simultaneously. They vacated their room in 5 minutes and were out of the hostel.
When warden came to know about the dead body in his hostel, he rushed to the phone and dialled ‘100’ and called Sunakshi’s parents. Police arrived on the scene and they understood that it was due to over usage of drugs. Warden informed the police that her friends were missing from the hostel. When her parents arrived, her mother was crying when she saw Sunakshi’s body. Her once proud father was crying because Sunakshi was no more. One of policemen told her father that the body should be taken for post-mortem.
                Their parents were not able to bear the loss of their daughter. DRUGS had made Sunakshi’s body cold. She could have become one of the best citizens of our country if it wasn’t for DRUGS

                                                                                “SAY NO TO DRUGS”

Monday, 8 April 2013

The Foreigner

Photo courtesy  by Anand Ashok (beloved cousin)

April 3                                                                                                                                                   time: 12:10 pm

I had reached Palakkad  by the time 12:00 struck in the big clock of KSRTC stand, and was moving towards the enquiry cabin of KSRTC. Behind the grill of the cabin there sat a “pumpkin man” (a person as fat as a  pumpkin). He was busy reading  a long sheet of paper. I interrupted his work and asked the man “when is the bus to Ernakulam”, He looked up to me and said “12:20” and again his eyes went to read the long sheet of paper
I sat on the chair near to enquiry cabin. I noticed a bus with red colour and yellow stripes with a board “PALAKKAD” heading towards my side as if it was going to hit the chair in front of the bus. The driver suddenly stamped the break and bus momentum came to a still. I noticed a dozen of people exiting the bus. It reminded me of the school days when the last period bell rang and we were running holding our bags  towards our bus to get a seat , the condition was same here too the people were exiting the bus and running towards the next bus before the other bus was about to leave the palakkad station/hub. I noticed a couple exiting the same bus from their looks, I was able to understand that they where foreigners. Their shoulders were holding luggage bigger than them. They directly went to the enquiry cabin and started to talk with the person behind the grill. Meanwhile i went to the nearby food stall to buy some biscuits and bottled water for my journey.
My bus arrived when my watch showed 12:25pm. I was running towards the bus hoping to get a seat but the seats were fully occupied as the bus had arrived the palakkad hub. With a disappointed face I saw the foreign couple got in to the same bus. His face fell when he saw that there were no seats vacant. The bus left the palakkad hub by 12:30. The ticket conductor came towards me and looked at me for some answers, I said “a ticket to ernakulam please “he looked into the ticket machines typed something and a slip got printed he toured it and handed it to me it said “Palakkad to Ernakulam” fare 106 I handed the money which was in my hand, and he told me “U will get seat when we reach trissur” which was two hours far.
I spend my two hours hearing to music, and at last the bus had reached Trissur. The people who were seated before began to empty their seats as the bus stop reached.  I choose a seat near to the foreigner.
Time: 2:20 pm

We had 30 minutes halt at trissur, so as the bus driver and conductor could have their lunch. Even I didn’t have my lunch and thought the biscuits that i had on my backpack could help me cure my hunger. I searched my backpack for the biscuits, I took the biscuit out of the backpack took a bite, and noticed my neighbour looking at me, so offered my biscuit to him too.  He took one biscuit and thanked me for the offer. His wife didn’t accept my biscuits i guess she might not be that hungry.  The foreigner began to talk to me he told me that he was from New Castle and he was visiting India for a duration of 3 months. He took out his map and asked me whether i could suggest any good tourist spot for him. I told him some of the good places in Cochin. After his visit in Cochin his next plan is to visit the great Malabar and then trissur by the time of April 21st ,so as to see the great trissurpooram which is one of the famous festival of the state, and most foreigners visit trissur to just to have a glance at the festival.
He then took out the neighbouring state map that is Tamil Nadu. He rounded some of the spots he planned to visit. He rounded some place in cuddalore and some coastal areas. I was eager to find out why he was planning to visit those areas. He told me that he is planning to visit there because before leaving this country he should help the people in that area. There are some schools that requires new building and other resources, so he is planning to visit those places and help those who in need, he is cutting his costs so as he could save money to help them. My eyes grew wide when i heard this. I was so surprised that a British citizen still remembers the 2004 incident that which shook the world. Many people lost their life when the sea conquered the land. Destroyed all the resources and life forms that which came its way to stop it. The British man was trying to help the school and camps which were eructed for the welfare of the survivors which people of our country had forgot.
I felt a cold hand on my arm as it pulled me towards realty as he asked me for some pointers that I could advice him for his trip, and I told him “you have planned your tour really well my friend”.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Tribute To My Friend

Photo courtesy  by Anand Ashok (beloved cousin)


March 25.03.2013                                                                                             Time: 10:54 Pm

I was twisting and turning in my bed, not able to sleep. My heart was beating terribly fast, I thought may be a glass of water could help me. I rolled to the side of my bed and took hold of bottle and a glass from the floor. I poured some water into the glass, emptied it within seconds. As my thoughts slipped on my friend K Sharath Chandran’s photo was filled in the news. I shut my eyes it was like iridescent.
Lights were flashing in my brain, his memories rushed into me.  When i was in 8th my place was shifted from first bench to second and my seat was in the middle and on my side it was Sharath.C
He was naughty chap; a tall guy, who wore even his top shirt button. I started to get to know him from then, He was funny, he made me laugh all the time, and he used to tell me really good stories too. Oh we had a lot of fun. We became close as days passed. I enjoyed his friendship, He was good in his studies too, should not forget that even though he used to have a lot of fun he studied a lot. He was different from others; I had never seen a guy like this ever before.
In 10th due to my marks, i was asked to stay back along with one of my classmate Rahul. Two of the best friends of Sharath was Rahul and Sanjay Varma. So sanjay and sharath used to wait for rahul until he finished his class. After the special class they used to talk about their day and trouble they faced that day laughing and screaming through the guttered road of andakkara thoddu, i used to tag along with them. As sharath was my old friend we used to talk alot on the way. One day i told him “I am not able to concentrate on my studies man....  have a pile of problems” then he gave me a smile patted on my back saying “don’t worry everything will change”
The sound of the message tone of my phone brought me back to reality. His voice still echoed my ears. I clicked the message and opened it. It said “funeral of Sharath tomorrow... time 11Am”, tears rolled from my eyes...!!!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Is This What You Call Love ?

Photo courtesy  by Anand Ashok (beloved cousin)

 March 17 , Sunday    Time :12:45PM

I heard my dad screaming “its time for us to go”. In rush i wore my t-shirt and my blue jeans and spraying my deo expecting that i could meet some cute girls in the place i am going.
In front of the gate i raised my hand for waving a bye to my mom and saying “we will be back soon” on the way me and my dad talked about the place we were going. He said to me that we were going for a house warming which is two blocks away. So i snatched the gift packet from my dad so that he won’t take trouble holding it.
We reached the place. One of my dad’s best friend wished us and invited us in even though he was also a visitor like us. We met the house mistress        who was wearing a white saree welcoming other guest. My dad introduced me to her and i handed the gift packet to her which i was holding. We all entered the room and was astounded by the work of the architect. The architect had showed his talent in a really marvelous way. All the room looks spacious and also every bed rooms consist of a dressing room which we found different.
So we visited from rooms to rooms and we reached the top floor. The floor consist of a bed room ,hall and a door leading to terrace. We entered the terrace, the terrace also look big even the owner can add another room later if he wished to. The wind blow from the east and it was really a relief from the hot and humid climate.
On the way back i noticed a mom who was holding a child may be aged 8 years her child was a special child my ears noticed him calling his mother “AMMA AMMA”(MOTHER,MOTHER ) and the mom busy chatting with an aunty and didn’t notice his call. Aunty notices the child as he calling his mother and said it to her “YOUR CHILD WANTS SOMETHING” but still the mom was busy blabbering about something. I didn’t notice much about what she said.
It was then time for us to have food we met the owner of the house and he showed us the way to the place where food is being served. We went there choose five seats so that me my dad and his friend and family could seat all together and have food. The food served  was biriyani omg..!! my favorite. I noticed that the mom that i saw in the terrace along with the aunty came down to have food and sat opposite to me. I was so stunned that the mom and the aunty are still talking. I suddenly noticed the child in her arms, he was trying spit out something which irritated him. He succeeded spit the thing out and his face showed a sign of relief. Her mom is not noticing what the kid had been doing for past few hours i guess .even though the child had succeeded spitting out the thing  it made him messy his mouth and dress was drowned in saliva of the boy itself. I saw a man running towards him seeing all this he took his napkin from his pocket and wiped the mouth of the child and cleaned his dress. The child lot look liked him  made me understand that it was his dad. 
The man/dad took his child sat on the chair next to his wife and asked one of his friends to serve food a vegetarian food as his son is having trouble to eat  non veg. Friend served him with plain rice and sambar which is the main veg dish of south India.  Man/dad was crushing the food with all his efforts so that his son could eat in ease and Swallow without any trouble. The child was still calling his mother “AMMA AMMA” with his mouthful she looked at the child with no expression and turned to her food. His dad on the other hand started to smile seeing the innocence of a child.